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me, myself...

Syam here!!. Work as IT Executive at 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Just wanna share about myself here and get people to know me better. My Story, My Life.

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16 August > Kenduri @ Amok's
20 August > ICT n Islam Presentation
22 August > 1st Ramadhan
31 August > Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!
20 September > Raya Time
2 October > FYP Beta Testing
23 October > Submit FYP Report
30 October > FYP Final Presentation
20 November > Abah's birthday
27 November > Salam Aidil Adha

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Thursday, January 29, 2009 @ 3:44 PM

last week i've got a chance to talk 2 one of my fren yg dh keja n i asked him alot of thing psl job environment.. sumthing bout working environment dh biasa sgt dengar kan n half of us dh rasa benda2 tu. waht i'm gonna stress bout some tips from my fren tu when u're looking 4 a job.. sumthing aku aku rasa berguna gak utk semua yg nak crk kerja or bakal crk keja cam aku nie...

let me share with u what my fren told me:-
  • those yg still have another semester like me, just prepare ur resume or CV se detail2 nya..just put any proghrammes or events dat u've attend..n find any valid and solid references..
  • then search any potential companies as much as can that related 2 ur qualification...
  • once u received ur final exam...i mean dis semester 2gether with ur transcript and resume send all to companies yg korang dh search td... this is because sumtime ada certain company yg x iklan kan any post yg require only 1 or 2 people..so it just try jer....mana tau ada rezeki ker x..
  • then once u send ur details... sumtime company take about 1 or 2 months to open ur application (this is normal!!!!)..they're not open when there's a vacancy.. psl ada certain company akan amik jer pekerja to kuatkan company diorg....
  • just count urself la kan time diorg bukak ur application 2gether with ur study... kira2nya korang tgh mid sem or nak dekat final exam....kan kira mmg sesuai gak la tu kan..
  • if the company call u 4 interview PLEASE ACCEPT it even time tu x amik laie korang blaja (i mean final sem laaa)... coz kalo ada interview secara mengejut tu kira nya mmg among selected candidate la n mayb xrmi yg attend interview tu...
  • korang pegi jer interview tu n don ever tolak any interviews...even korang mmg ada harapan xdpt at least ada pengalaman pegi interview..so 4 next interview xder la korang culture shock!!!...pengalam tu penting beb..igone jer if ur 1st interview horrible...
  • after da interview tu the company take once again a lot of time to decide which candidate yg suit ngan compnay diorg...during dat time tu mmg korang dh abis....normally...kalo ada rezeki Alhamdulillah...
  • kalo korang dh grad tp lum convo, the company will place u as Management Trainee. MT tu just like actual job cam software engineering or account ker...tp job scope dia a lil bit kecik skit...they will train u to do what the actual job do...time tu mmg dia akan assign any job gak kat korang tp xpenting mana la..tp objective dia sama nak biasakan korang bler di bg job2 yg besar...
  • gaji 4 MT about 3 quarter dr actual post... cam kalo gaji bebtul rm 2500, u'll receve bout rm2000...so jgn pelik ngan MT nie psl a lot of my fren think dat MT nie keja cam ofis boy or kerja2 kerani...tu mmg salah...like wat i said MT keja cam apa yg korang apply but scale dia kecik...
  • once korang dh convo n receive ur degree dat time la ur company will hire u as full employee..kalo engineer tu kompom jd engineer n u receive full payment...then dr situ la mula korang wat keja berat2 n besar2...tp xder experience as MT tu byk membantu...
sejam borak ngan my fren tu gave me a lot of knowledge n experience even not in dat position yet..at least mentally 50% prepared kot....since dh ada knowledge n story bout dat naper lak aku nak makan sorang kan..so better la share ngan korang gak...if u hv ur own story xyah la makan srang..xke mana pun..

those yg abis sem nie n nak sgt2 dekat abis or dh grad..it's not too late..u can start from begining pun..

good luck!!!!


p/s : wanna wish happy belated burfday 2 my roomie - Shyuq (24 taun dh!!!!) n my anak sedara - Nuranis Huda Ahmad Shahrir (dh 5 taun dh bdk nie!!!) yg share same date - Jan 28, 2008) n hapi advance burfday kat my big bro - Mohd Rezal Nayan (turns 32 2morrow!!!)...

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Mission Accomplish
Friday, January 23, 2009 @ 4:28 PM

yuhuuu everybody!!!....

feel relieve now coz all my tasks 4 dis year done already. Just met my supervisor 4 my FYP. All i can say he satisfied with my work... Syukur Alhamdulillah. It's not an easy job to attract Dean's heart without pushing urself up to da max...heheheh... All I can wish - May Allah tabahkan ati aku n let me focus on my life goal - To Prove 2 anyone dat I can!!!! Malas nak emo2 psl hal nie...enough!!!!

Even though dis week quite stress coz i've already started my mid term but my life still camni gak. Bagi la apa jer cabaran n dugaan Insya Allah aku dpt tempuhi nya ngan tenang. Let this patience last 4eva...huuhuhu...

Keep my post short. I wanna wish Happy 26th Kak Nana 2day n belated birthday to Nawal (Jan 18 ari tu). I hope:-
  • May Allah Bless ur life...
  • Take gr8 care of urself n people around u...
  • Senyum n Happy Sokmo... Chill girl!!!!
  • It's gr8 2 hv fren like both of u...

Last but not least happy holiday....Cuti puas2 n those yg blaja laie tu remember...after dis holiday siapkan la mental n fizikal korang 4 ur midterm....huhuhhu



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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 @ 12:44 PM

1st of all well done 2 chazz coz organize such a meaningful award ceremony. Da important is I'm shock!!!! How come la she award me with such a major category. I didn't expect 2 win anything n don even bother much bout dat. Wat i focusing on njoy writing n metrepek. Dat's all.

Since she's da only jury n decice all reult. Well chzz tq coz appreciate my work coz never in my life my creativity people appreciate. It's true. This honor makes me to work hard in da future... (Perh cam Grammy punya speech jer kann..hahahah)

Per2 pun tq coz choosing n appreciate my simplicity. Ni yg kena design layout slaloo nie..hahahhOnce again congrate coz organize dis award. Next time nak menang lain la pakk erkk...

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Thursday, January 15, 2009 @ 4:51 PM

feel tension gak bler benda nie jd....it stated yesterday midnite bler ada kemalangan kat highway karak smpi minyak melimpah msk ke takungan air yg involve UIA n nearby..dis incident mmg remind me during my 1st year 1st sem bler incident sama jd...accident kat highway n minyak masuk kat same location...

wat else can i say bler xder air nie...SENGSARA!!!!!!!dh la nak wat cam2 benda x leh then pastu nak mandi kena carik blok yg ada air...sumtime sian gak bler time bdk2 blok tu nak mandi xdpt pasal dh kena kongsi ngan bdk2 lain...nak wat camner saper cepat dia dapat kannn...n aku kompius gak camner la blok tu sampi skrang air x kurang...even nak tgk air tu tukar warna pun payah...huhuuuhu..

dengar citer ari nie mayb prob nie akan settle...hopefully la..payah gler la bler xder idea...once again it's remind me 10 years ago masa SUOM nak start bler negeri2 dekat2 ngan KL kena catu air psl nak save air 4 dat event...so kena la mandi ala kadar n berjimat gler2..kalo x my parents kompom membebel...

time sekolah dulu skali jer xder air...solution nyer warden ckp kalo nak membuang apa yg ptt kena la pki air dr kolam itik kat sekoalh aku...KOLAM ITIK....yuckssss....nasib baik la time tu mmg diri aku nie xmeragam..kalo x mmg pikir byk kali la nak pki air tu....huhuhu

once again minatk2 la benda nie settle cecepat...nak blk byk keja...nak stay air xder...x idup aku...


p/s - enjoy gler ngan truffle kak atun even mulut nie tgh sakit psl ulser....it prove that tuan punya resipi gak yg plg sedap... (**ayat2 nak mintak makcik tu wat laie sambil wat muka comelll!!!!...hehehhehe)


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my weekend...
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 @ 3:22 PM

even though it' recoding day 4 IAG but i've to 'ponteng' coz i've to meet my "bestest" ever since childhood psl kitorg dh x jumpa nearly bout 2 years coz he stay at jay bee. Since he already get a job kat KL so we plan 2 hang out n borak sakan n citer bout our update.

Ein is my one n only bes fren or we can say that we're like brothers psl aku knal dia sejak umo 7 taun laie while he's only 5 yo dat time. He was born in 1986 n i've a lot of fren yg lahir taun nie... dat's y la rmi kata aku nie muda 2 taun dr umo sebenar...hahhahahhaha....

Kitorg plan nak tgk wayang citer bed time stories. Since one of my fren said dat citer tu boring gler n we decided to choose other movie. Unfortunately there's no movie keep our attention 2 watch. Finally we decided to play bowling once again x jadi gak psl ramai gler org tgh main n at da same time queue at counter mmg padat gler...It's Saturday geng.

Then we just lepak2 n round2 kal n then since he already has car then we just rewang2 n pegi without any tujuan..hahhahah...bapak bosan time tu...Then he show me his house kat Shah Alam. Gler la dr KL n tempuh traffic jam kat KL pastu trus p SA. Padahal xder benda pun wat kat sana.

We have our Maghrib at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan kat Jalan Duta. This is my 1st time solat kat masjid tu. Wat can I said... Subhanallah..Cantik gler masjid nie. One of my beautiful masjid after Masjid Putra Jaya. Scenary time mmg cantik gler especilaly time matahari nak terbenam.

After that we've have our dinner kat Taman Melati psl after that he's going to his aunty;s house area situ. Sakit ati gler bler we've to wait more than half an hour before we have our food. Dah la x sedap pastu servis can hampeh. Nak wat camner dh situ jer org ckp sedap. AFter dis mmg balck list la restoren tu.

After that we sent me back to UIA. finish!!!!

Recording time!!! After i missed 3 recording, so i've to pay it back. This time rite time nak berbakti kat IAG even x byk sgt. We've recorded 2 song - Love Story )gonna be my fave song to play!!!) n Kopi Dangdut. 4 Love Story i played angklung no 10, 18 n 22 (melofy part) while 4 Kopi Dangdut I only play A, 10, n i didn't remember another.
The finish out was superb even x abis edit kat Cikgu Ku Zahir. But i satisfies with both songs. At least dpt la pengalam recoding. Kalo b4 dis dengar jer camner recording tu but now i've got experience even only 2 song. Janji ada!!!!...
Congrate gak la kat semua yg terlibat mainbod, n members n not 2 forget 2 Cikgu coz berjaya wat ngan baik skali.. Can't wait to listen to all songs dat been recorded.
Even penat tp puas gak la...Kalo leh nak jer record laie. Tp nak wat camner dha bis kan...
dat's all la benda yg aku wat masa weekend ari tu. Each of them ada kenangan yg bes utk di ingat. After dis..I mean after Chinese New Year dh byk dh prog nak kena pegi n wat xspecially MRC part. Per2 pun hv good time ari tu...huhuuhuh


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Again n again!!!
Tuesday, January 13, 2009 @ 3:55 PM

again i've been tagged. This time by nenek pusak...tq sis!!!

1. Sesiapa yang kena tag, 10 sesuatu berkenaan orang yang men'tag' dia.
  • Already a year knal nenek nie since msk IAG. Currently, she da oldest IAG member but perangai cam bdk sekolah rendah..hahhaha
  • badan kecik tp kuat makan. Everytime sms ngan dia mesti ngadu lapor!!!hahhaha
  • Peminat tegar kuceng tp plg dia minat binatang berwarna itam coklat bernama SAPIL...
  • Org Johor duk Senai tp dulu2 duduk kat flat yg paling cantik kat Jay Bee..
  • Mangsa sakat aku. Klao sehari x sakat nenek sorang nie cam x bes lak..hahhha
  • segala club kat cultural unit dia nak sapu....angklung dh, percussion dh, per laie erk pasni??band kerr x pun dikir barat???? minah rock siot...
  • people call her kak nana or nana. but i prefer to call her nenek pusak or in short...why????pusak is cat n she love cat a lot dat's y call her like dat..hahahahh
  • sesama masa jd ahli pasukan sorak AUG ari tu..
  • unpredictable person..ssh nak paham dia nie...xtau bler dia cool n bler dia ok. mayb i'm x know her well kot..
  • pekerja cc yg ske sgt wat design blog n fster dia...

2. Orang yang kena tag kena tulis tentang dirinya

  • one of my bes fren said, I'm quite complicated person. don know da the hell complicated come from..hehehehhe
  • big fan siti nurhaliza coz she's got big talent. i don like to interfere her personal life..i used to like her after my bro bought her 2nd album. we both like siti n we've our own ct's album collections.hehhehe
  • frankly my relationship with my big bro not really well because our different age is 7 years but with my sister, we're really close. n she's da one who jd middle person if i wanna ask sumthing from my bro. poor her..
  • quite nakal person especially when already know people very2 well n like to sakat certain people who never bother what i did. those people really know me a lot..huhuhuuh.. n my anak2 sedar always be my victim...
  • not jenis mesra ngan org yg 1st time jumpa. i need time to mesra ngan org. dat's y people always comment bout me dat i'm sombong. but after some time i can mesra ngan org after already know well bout them.
  • leh jadi rakan plg akrab n understanding n become worst enemy those yg nak musuh ngan aku
  • lahir kat selangor, then move to pasir gudang before once again move to jay bee then pindah duk seremban, blk jay bee blk coz further my diploma finally kat gombak amik degree.. after this???Allah jer tau..
  • love jay bee so much coz i've a lot of fren there n don like live in seremban coz nothing there...
  • my bro used to study at japan but i never have a chance to learn japanese from him...
  • my dream place to go - Korea coz KDrama punya pasal...huhuhuhu

3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
let me think 1st...

no one!!!!!


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Monday, January 12, 2009 @ 11:31 AM

I'm da biggest fan of this woman. In short fanatic but i admire her voice n talent but not her personal life. So don ever ask me bout her tudung n her marriage. 4 me it's her personal life dat people don't have to interfere at all.
Forget bout her personal life. Let's talk bout her latest traditional album - Lentera Timur that means cahaya daripada timur. The exact meaning is all about her dream to look Malay Traditional music still ada dalam setiap jiwa orang Malaysia n Asia. Seriously mmg dh susah kita nak dengar lagu2 traditional nie. Me myself not big fan of traditional songs but
her 1st attempt with her traditional song - Seri Mersing proved that she is one of bes singer kat Malaysia nie. Then i never miss her album whether pop or traditional albums.

Last 2 weeks after 4 years without any traditional album, she release her 4th traditional album. I bought it in 1st day release. Like the other albums. huhuhuhu.. I'm glad to be among the people who listen to this album.

So far after keep repeating bout 100 times, honestly what can i say the easy listening album coz almost all songs really keep my attention while listen to them. The concept for this album is Traditional Contemporary + Fusion. Consists of 11 song from well known composers + lyricists like M. Nasir, Pak Ngah, Johari Teh etc...

My Fave songs:-
  • DI TAMAN TEMAN (1st single from this album)
  • SENYUM MINANG MANIS (my personal favourite)
  • ADA MASA MATA (M Nasir's with a lot of simple + nice lyrics)
  • JELMAKANLAH AYUMU (Pak Ngah's confuse song coz the element of song consist of jazz + Latin + 70s )
  • BINTANG MALAM (sound Thai + Chinese)
  • BULAN YANG MESRA (da mendayu song n sound very classic)
  • DI KAYANGAN KITA (balad song with the touch of classic sound)

Above tu among my fave song. Nak kata smua lagu aku minat but yg atas tu mmg 1st time dengar mmg melekat dlm kepala otak nie. The most important thing about this album is even the root is traditional but it sound modern with using string + violin (my fave instrument ever!!). Just like Siti said, she wants people listen to sumthing that traditional and at the same time mix with the current music - modern!!! Even byk sgt perubahan compare to Sanggar Mustika (her previous traditional album) in term of KEtraditionalAN muzik tu tp akar melayu asli tu still ada. xder la nak memoden kan semua lagu smpi keaslian liuk lentok lagu melayu tu xder langsung.

So far really love this album. Like I said earlier semua lagu dlam ni memang menangkap abis + catchy n easy listening. It's really different traditional album that I think everyone should have unless u don like Malay or Traditional album. Guess what 9 songs from this album di compose in just 3 days during da Traditional Songs Bengkel lasy year.

Last but not least Traditional Songs still have place in my heart..hehehehehe


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AUG 2008 in memory
Friday, January 9, 2009 @ 3:49 PM

after a month AUG nie started finally dpt gak la pic2 4 da whole 2 weeks events....credit 2 all da amatuer photographers yg nyumbangkan semua pic2 tu n 2 wahida coz complile all pics...


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1430 Hijrah / 2009 Masihi
Tuesday, January 6, 2009 @ 4:02 PM

both new year nie akan byk sgt azam...tp xnak la share psl tkt benda tu x jadi...but per yg penting (KERJASAMA!!! - by kak atun n kak nana) dis year la my final year since i'll graduate end of dis year...


  • since it's my last year kat uia nie..so aku plan nak wat byk keja gler masa kat sini...plzz jgn negatif kan kepala otak korang erk..wat i mean aku nak wat semua benda yg aku x penah wat b4 dis...more to activity la cam MRC programmes...
  • start my FYP..even dis is my 1st part but i've to make sure FYOP nie leh wat kan ati aku n my supervisor - DR Adam (dean ICT..takut siottt) puas ati n my client (IIUM Law Center) puas ati n leh amik system dat i'll develop nnti di pki nnti...it's x an easy task i'll try my bes laaa...
  • even though aku bz skit lately but i'll focus gak la ngan IAG...IAG still my 1st move kat UIA nie...why should i forget all my memory kat IAG nie psl certain things...tp aku dh ckp awal...ssh aku nak commit but i'll try my bes gak la nak active skit sem nie...kata nya waktu2 kecederaan aku 4 IAG b4 abis nnti...hehhehe



  • sem nie dh cam my 1st year dh psl amik 5 subjek jer psl aku kena wat FYP aku...mmg focus more on my FYP psl aku nak wat yg laie baik dr diploma aku..kalo masa diploma mmg aku puas ati gler ngan FYP aku n kompom la i wanna do it again during my degree....
  • n my final sem aku amik 3 subjek....YAHOOO...once again psl FYP2 aku...
  • ada kelas tgh ari n satu kelas mlm since lecturer tu lecturer part time...if i'm not mistake from Lim Kok Wing University kot..
  • klas start 11.30 n leh la aku tdo lambat..huhuuhuh...

i think dat's all kot benda yg aku nak naip kat post nie..xder idea sgt la..otak tenagh tepu..hehhehe...next post i'll review latest album yg aku beli..just nak share jer my review tu.....one of my fave album currently...ada kot yg tau album per..



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