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me, myself...

Syam here!!. Work as IT Executive at 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Just wanna share about myself here and get people to know me better. My Story, My Life.

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2 do lists

16 August > Kenduri @ Amok's
20 August > ICT n Islam Presentation
22 August > 1st Ramadhan
31 August > Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!
20 September > Raya Time
2 October > FYP Beta Testing
23 October > Submit FYP Report
30 October > FYP Final Presentation
20 November > Abah's birthday
27 November > Salam Aidil Adha

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Thursday, April 30, 2009 @ 12:09 PM

Finally after berbulan2 xtukar layout akhirnya dpt gak aku upload my latest layout. xder specific concept. just concept hentam sudah... jgn salah sangka, aku design layout nie kat umah n kat opis tu aku just edit here there.

Apa2 pun aku nak gak comment ttg layout main hentam nie... Ada masa aku nak design lain..can x puas ati jer.. But since nak sumthing new aku tepek gak layout baru..

Get your own Poll!

sign off...chioo...


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aku bengang!!!!
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 @ 10:20 AM

I don't know what to say. and don't know how to explain. After what my fren told me n the current situation aku rasa cam nak menjerit jer kat opis nie. About what?? Biar la aku sendiri yg tahu. One thing for sure, I'm in a middle of the conflict!!!! Don't know which was should I take....


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after a week.....
Monday, April 27, 2009 @ 11:26 AM

Current mood: blur...blur
Situation: kedengaran lagu omputih kat opis
Location: KKA n KHN

It's been a week after I start my practical. How was my first week??? Well to be frank here, I didn't do much except da simple task. Let me citer skit about my 1st week....
  • Environment kat sini quite ok n happening. Psl kat sini semua keja relax jer n staffs semua jenis yg open n giler2... N only way of communication kat sini between boss n staff is usng MSN messager. Look like cam informal but there's da only way nak communicate ngan boss since boss xmsk ofis sangat. Quite interesting kan coz most of da company didn't allow staffs 2 chat but here u can use it for job n leisure purpose. Relax la...those yg nak chat ngan aku time keja leh la add aku whether u using YM or MSN.
  • Dr segi keja la... Quite ok la kot. Even at first I wanna to find company yg aku dpt kembangkan experience in system n software development. Nak wat camner, company byk aku apply but not even a company yg reply mt application . So sad beb psl I really wanna find a good company yg based on system n software development Aku x memilih beb tp mmg rezeki xberpihak kat aku. Company nie pun dpt after my fren tolak coz she gat the good company.
  • I've 2 wake up very early. Bout 6.15 a.m n kena ngadap air sejuk ya amat di awal pagi. Kalo dulu time diploma practical leh laie lepak2 nak p keja since umah aku dekat jer ngan tmpt practical. Dh la kena sabar ngan traffic jam dekat ngan DUKE highway tu. Damn u jam...hehhehe
  • My jobscope? Just what I said, the scope sdid't match my requirement sgt. Update companies' website (I like it but I need more. like using PHP or any programmig parts) n then do some Adobe Illustrator n Microsft Project. Sound like easy but it's trus but not challanging enough.
  • Since keja xbyk sgt coz I've to wait for my supervisor aka manager, most of da time aku akan online internet jer n surf website. Nak at photoshop or dreamweaver, we've to wait for original version. Leh jer nak pki mine but it's for corporate purpose beb. Kang sia2 plak company nie kena sama. We still try to wait to.
  • I really hope that my 11 weeks remain nie akan membuahkan sumthing yg very useful n experience as well.
  • wish me luck..
sign off now....chio.....


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again and again....
Tuesday, April 21, 2009 @ 11:43 AM

It's history coz aku kena wat tag dlm masa kurang drseminggu. Since time practical nie xwat apa laie psl everyone bz with thier own task, so aku goyang kaki la kat sini until keja bebetul muncul.. Sambil goyang2 kaki ni better la wat tag by kak nana nie...

1. You will tag this to 8 people. Anyone????
2. When the tagging reached to a person named “Grace”, the tagging will stop. WTH nie....xpaham...
3. Answer the questions HONESTLY and have fun. I Will

Why did you choose (your site’s name)?
just randomly pick dis name. No specific meaning or reason form dis nick. I prefer sumthing cheeky n catchy...huhuhu

What is your favorite color combination so far?
lite blue + green

Who is your favorite Friend online? Why?
no specific name

Who is your favorite chatmate?
same as above...

OK, Thanks for Answering! Let’s talk about something personal:

How many grlfriends have you had since birth?
so far 2...

Do you have girlfriend?
now???I prefer 2 be alone..merdeka!!!

Hmmm… When (age) was your first kiss?
in ur dream

What was your feeling?
So… Let’s talk something about your country. This one is very serious.

Where did you came from (country)?

Then what’s the nationality?

What’s the official language?
Bahasa Melayu aka Bahasa Malaysia

How many languages can you speak? What are they?
malay n english

Are you proud of your country?
of coz maaa...Negaraku!!!!!

Hope you learned something from these questions. OK, last set of questions.

What’s your hairstyle?
rite now short n pacak

What’s your beauty style?
smart n simple

What’s your clothing style?

Anything else you want to say?
i'm bored!!!!!

And I wanna tag:
up 2 them.....

dat's all folks....


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Tagged by miss nana
Friday, April 17, 2009 @ 11:01 AM

Just like azuwachan, aku pun dh lama x wat tag nie..since ada masa skit..y not wat kan... Gwe kangen banget sama tag nie..

5 brands that you like the most:
  • Nokia
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Nike.
  • BUM
5 brands that you dislike the most:
  • aku xske barang yg low quality nie..n barang yg x padan ngan harga. Mahal melampau tp usage dia ala2 jerr... Baik aku beli barang Siam.. One more aku x minat langsung barang bundle...x gemor la teman...

5 countries that you want to go the most:
  • Korea
  • France
  • Saudi Arabia (of coz la Mekah)
  • Australia
  • Spain

5 countries that you do not want to go the most:
  • UAE- Ilike archutecture but kat sana aku rasa cam ralat sgt psl kebanyakkan banguanan yg di wat tu membazir sgt. Better la duit berbillion tu bg kat Umat2 Islam sendiri yg miskin..Obviously dekat2 ngan diorg jerr...
  • Colombia - Mafia n dadah punya case truk glerr...
  • Israel - Obviously korang tau...
  • Papua New Guinea - Don know y..Mayb xminat kot tmpt2 camtu
  • South Africa- I heard kalo p sana x selamat especially mlm2...

5 items that you like the most:
  • MP3 Player
  • My Packard Bell - present from my sis n bro
  • My Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's CDs n kaset (semua nya ori beb)
  • My Nokia- my bro bought 4 me
  • My books n novel n mags
5 items that you dislike the most:
  • never hate sumthing yg aku punya....
5 people that you love the most:
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Anak2 buah aku yg 4 org tu even aku nie jenis ganas ngan diorg..hehehhe
  • Lunchsters
  • IAGs
5 people that you hate the most:
  • never appreciate what people hv done 2 u
  • dlm idup nie aku mmg dendam ngan 4 org yg dulu nya bes fren aku
  • orang yg ske nyampuk time org bz borak
  • hipokrit
  • perasan diri tu perfect

5 colors that you like the most:
  • Black
  • lite blue
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Green
5 colors that you dislike the most:
  • Pink - obviouly not men color
  • Purple - my lecturer said purple represent gay kay UK..its it trus???huhuuhuh
  • Kelabu
  • Oren
  • Merah darah
5 things that you dream the most:
  • my own car
  • iPhone
  • Violin - luv strings very2 much
  • million dolar
  • my own personal jet....
5 things that you do not dream at all:
  • don know
  • er......
  • xmau amik tau
  • xtau
  • ntah
5 of your positive characters:
  • Happy sokmo
  • Pendengar yg setia
  • Penyabar
  • tepati masa
  • xske tgk org muram...
5 of your negative characters:
  • Susah nak commit kalo benda tu not my interest
  • Kekadang cakap merapu
  • Susah nak mesra ngan org yg baru knal..it take time dude
  • Never care bout people surrounding kalo earphone mp3 dh melekat kat telinga
  • suka nyakat ko..mangsa2 nya terditi drpd kak atun, anak2 buah aku n rmi laie
5 moments that you miss the most:
  • zaman sekolah rendah aku..miss dat moment til now
  • Perform angklung kat MHI
  • Pegi Sarawak 4 da 1st time
  • AUG as pasuka soran peringkat asean beb..heheheh
  • my diploma convocation
5 moments that you do not want to remember at all:
  • aku statekan 1 jer..kena pijak kpala kat org yg aku percaya...not once but twice....
5 positive characters of your best buddies:
  • Understand
  • Tahan ngan perangai aku
  • senget slaloo
  • Xmajuk bler kena sakat ngan aku
  • terima aku seadanya
5 negative characters of your best buddies:
  • malas nak amik tau

5 things that you happy to do the most (Of your entire life):
  • mp3 all da time
  • surfing
  • godek2 my Packard Bell
  • baca blog orang
  • berFACEBOOk n berYOUTUBE
5 things that you regret the most:
  • should i say it???

Favorite animal: Rabbit

Favorite actor: Tom Hanks

Favorite actress: Julia Robert or Anne (xingat full name tp dia berlakon princess diaries)

Favorite things that you do when you are alone: Listen to my mp3

Favorite website: Blogger.com n Facebook.com

Favorite moment: with my Packard Bell

Favorite sport: Badminton

Favorite vegetable: Kubis

Favorite movie: Yasmin Ahmad's, Harry Potter, The Terminal, P.Ramlee's, The Grease

Tag another 10 people : no one..no one..no one (style Alicia Keys)


3 comment

Monday, April 6, 2009 @ 4:10 PM

OMG aku ptt review bout this film last week. Since exam x abis laie n bler blik umah jer aku xdpt on9 dat's y la review nie drag smpi ke mggu nie..hehhe...Sorry guys 4 late post n sunyi sepi masa kat umah. Mmg 5 ari kat umah kau xder benda nak wat per since I don get a change to use my sis lappy coz she's really bz editing my bro in lat thesis. Kalo x mmg holiday nie aku on9 24/7 la jawab nya.
Back 2 this film. I've already watched this film a week b4 my exam. I mean last 2 weeks. Since i'm da biggest fan of Yasmin Ahmad's films n never missed her films at all. I love her art of film but not her thinking. Saper yg update psl film kat Msia nie akan tau situasi n corak film2 dia nie. Sensetive issues to talk about beb... I love her film yg kebanyakkan nya about reality of our life. A reality about Malaysia. Her film not Malay film but Malaysian films. Story about the true Malaysia. Sum people tought her film a lil bit lucah. I've 2 agree with it but apa2 film dia aku kena more open psl itu la sebenarnya manusia. Lucah or not.. It's up to the viewers. I'm on the middle of sumwhere...hehehhe
Back 2 this movie. What I like most bout this movie???
  • Talentime is not just talentime kat sekolah. Kalo korang perasan title post ni as TALEnTIME. Masa aku baca blk review dia kat one of my fve source, it all about tale (penceritaan) n time (masa) Kinda unique gak la..
  • Citer dia mmg unik. About 3 major races in Malaysia. Each of them represent different characters n true story about us. Apa yg di ceritakan seem like typical of each race. But not take it as sensetive issue. Yasmin need us to think what should we do to overcome all this typical thinking.
  • Even ada issue sensitive yg penah berlaku kat Malaysia, but YAsmin created it in nice n subtle way. Mayb ada yg perasan issue tu tp don take it seriously. Citer nie nak kita relate that history n try not to make it happen again.
  • Pelakon2 yg hebat - Fresh n talented.. Overall pelakon dlm film nie hebat2 even most of them r newin this industry. Mahesh such a talented star. Even this in his 1st film n his character as bisu n pekak but he deliver it very2 well like he is that kind of person.
  • Jac - at first, i don expect anything from her. But her character as Mahesh's sis make me think that she'll become more n more in acting. Good job jac. Not only in singing but also in acting.
  • Who i like da most??Adik Pie aka Mukhsin. Pelakon remaja terbaik yg penah aku tengok. Especially in this film. Watak dia mmg menyentuh hati tul. How he deliver his character mmg superb. Anak yatim yg gigih dlm idup n trpaksa jaga mak dia yg sakit n at the same time be a bes student. Memang bagus la budak nie. Admire him a lot. Toward da end of this film aku terasa ngan apa yg dia act especially at the end of this film bler dia terpaksa hidup sbg yatim piatu. Tabah beb character ida. Sampai aku rasa bler dia terpaksa hadapi hakikat dia dh kehilangan his mum. OMG mmg sebak beb time nie. N lady sebelah aku masa aku tgk siap teresak2 laie beb.. Wonderful....

Overall i rate this film - 9/10. n this is Yasmin's bes film ever. Mmg la film nie bes gler especially bler kita citer psl Malaysian film. Cukup rempahj. Lucu + sedih n everything la. It's worth my RM8 n bler aku layan sorang2 kat KLCC rite after aku bgn dr tdo. Actually aku xplan langsung pun nak tgk film nie time tu. But since i need something to rehatkan kpala otak aku after programme n my 1st paper, so i decided to watch it. Kira puas gak la tgk film nie. TQ Yasmin coz give me such a beautiful film even rmi ckp it's really typical Yasmin. Apa2 pun I like it. N excited nak tggu Mualaf n nak tau gak apa magic nya citer nie. Apa2 pun kena tgk gak la whether film nie lepas ker x since rmi ckp ada kontroversi di sebalik film nie. Still aku akan tggu film nie n her other film.

sign out..chiooo

p/s- wanna wish Fiza Hanif Zainon a happy 24th belated birthday. Sorry terlambat....Hope Allah bless ur life!!!


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Apa korang rasa sekarang
@ 3:58 PM

Just 2 create sumthing new.......Lots more 2 come.....So aku nak tau la kat sesaper yg menempel kat blog aku nie...Apa korang rasa sekarang nie....

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RELIEVE...huh!!!! PART 2
Thursday, April 2, 2009 @ 5:32 PM

Previous post aku cter psl IAG @ MHI tv3. This post nak citer plak psl BIT FYP Showcase yg aku kena handle. Aku sebagai Project Manager (besaq nya tugas aku...dh la 1st pegang jawatan tertinggi) kena la make sure everything berjalan ngan lancar. Event ni terlalu byk dugaan yg kita kena hadapi. Budget kena cut almost half, last minutes nominees, Judges pun last minute confirm, Promotion n how 2 attract students to come etc. Sampai kitorg pasrah ngan apa yg akan terjadi masa event tu. Hope that sumthing miracle could happen.



We already decided to gather for this event b4 7.30, unfortunately dh sorang2 tdo lmbat psl nak wat last minute keja. Cam bdk2 laki including me yang kena set up all the meja n location event tu smpi kul 1 a.m. Tak cukup ngan tu kena siapkan pamplate ngan direction til 2.00 am n finally aku beradu di khayalan about 3.00 am.

Pagi tu sorang2 terlajak. Siap nak ugut kalo xsmpi b4 7.45 am xkan dapat sijil...huhuhuuh... Sampai PM skali ptt xdpt sijil psl lambat smpi..hahhah..

Bler semua committees sampai kitorg semua gerak n wat apa keja yg ptt... Bagus tul bdk2 bwh aku nie..tau apa nak wat..xyah di suruh cam bdk kecik..Tabik arhh korang...hehehehe

Event Started

Tentatively event ni start kul 8.30 ngan preparation nominees. Since semua dh lambat smpi kena la dragkan smpi kul almost 9am. Time tu semua kelam kabut bler our Dean - Dr Adam tetiba smpi padahal semua x siap laie. Nak settle kan keadaan, aku jemput dia breakfast n talk a lot.

Bler jer abis makan Dr adam pun ngan suka ati n excitednya p la round semua booth. Seem like dia happy ngan hasil kerja students dia. Yer la b4 dis bdk2 KICT ni di pandang sebelah mata. In short xder benda yg leh di banggakan sgt ngan kitorg nie (kata orang laa...). Bler ada 2 3 project yg unexpected di hasil kan saper x bangga beb bler at least ada gak yg sanggup kerja keras utk hasil kan product la yg bermutu.

My fave project was 3D animation about global warming. Message dia very subtle about global warming. I'll uplaod that video later k. Bler dengar citer n pengalaman yg menghasilkan nya mmg aku sendiri admire ngan kesungguhan dia. Citer nya bler nak wat 3D animatio nie :- she learned by herself, take animation class by her own + beli cam2 buku pasal 3D + took 6 subjects and didi dis project. OMG..gler la dia nie..gigih sgt ngan usaha dia. Kalo aku still leh nangis n xder life aku kalo berada dlm situasi dia. Sampai satu keadaan dia nak give up nak settlekan. Tp kekuatan diri dia yg watkan benda ni semua jd kenyataan. Tabik la Aechah!!!

satu jer yg aku ralat masa time event tu...jugdes yg dh abis judge di biarkan tanpa sebarang plan. Kitorg mmg x expect akan terpaksa biarkan judges yg dh abis tu terkapai2..That's da only thing yg aku fail. Mmg kitorg x teringat pun hal tu.Mmg terpaksa mintak maap la kat judges tu.

**part of the committees yg gler2....

Per2 pn dr prog nie aku dpt byk gler pengalaman. Pengalaman nak handle prog n ideas on how to make my FYP better than before.Really hope that pengalaman nie akan wat kan aku confidence utk handle any event. Amin.....

So di kesempatan nie aku nak wish Terima aih to all my committes an also my coordinator -Br Sadry n committess - Zatul, Fiza, Ain, Fiza, Aishah, Daus, Onn, Bob, Najwaa, Nad, As, Zaim, Asrul, Jeff, Haziyah, Mira n Fifi coz be such a wonderful friends. N really happy to work with u guys. From da bottom of my heart mmg really appreciate all ur hardwork even cam2 dugaan yg kita tempuh akhirnya ngan izin Allah kita dpt jayakan event nie n dpt responds yg terbaik dr HOD sendiri - Dr Murni n lecturers yg lain. Senang nak wat keja ngan korang. Lots of word wanna say but yg lain tu let me keep in my heart n mind. And finally to mkcik atun coz bg tunjuk ajar skit camner nak organize event n gave me some tips gak on how to be a good leader...Cayang makcik...hehehhehe..



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