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Syam here!!. Work as IT Executive at 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Just wanna share about myself here and get people to know me better. My Story, My Life.

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2 do lists

16 August > Kenduri @ Amok's
20 August > ICT n Islam Presentation
22 August > 1st Ramadhan
31 August > Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!
20 September > Raya Time
2 October > FYP Beta Testing
23 October > Submit FYP Report
30 October > FYP Final Presentation
20 November > Abah's birthday
27 November > Salam Aidil Adha

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My Syawal 1430 Hijrah...
Thursday, September 24, 2009 @ 1:08 AM

How ur raya so far? Mine just sweet n simple jer. Since i don't have any idea on what should i post, let me tell u my raya this year.

1 Syawal 1430 - Sunday
  • Woke up a lil bit late coz watching tv with my bro last nite. Trus siap ngan mandi n siap ngan baju raya hijau + coklat. Damnnn i forget to take a picture...hhehe. NAd then straight away go to mosque to peform SOlat SUnat Aidilfitri.
  • BAck home first before went to Ustaz Shahran's house n had a sup daging (don knoe whether it's lembu or rusa). Then went to my grandparents' grave. Miss them so much especially when it's come to Aidilfitri. Met my uncle with his family there n they planned to go to my house.
  • Prepare a lil bit to wait for any visitors. Special dishes for 1st day - Rendang Daging + Kuah Lodeh + Kuah Kacang + Ketupat = My mum is the best chef in da world.
  • My uncle's came and talked a lot and more n more..
  • Went back to my kampung at Rembau to visiot my uncles and my nenek sedara. 1st destination- my nenek sedara yang nak masuk 91 years old and still can pray, fast even the sight is not good anymore. Then went to my 1st uncle and finally another uncle. Meet my cousins yang setahun skali jer jumpa and share some stories skit2.
  • Went back home coz there's no house to go. Waiting for anyone to come and still wearing the complete baju raya til nite. And sjtill dapat duit raya!!!!!
  • End of day 1.
2 Syawal 1430 - Monday
  • It's time for us to wait for my sedaras to come. Mmg dh jadi tradisi my auntie from KL to come to my house in second day.
  • My favourite dishes and my sedara ass well - Soto Ayam prepared by my mum and i just jd assistant to cark2 ayam2 tu. Me?? Just prepared my special beverages - Sirap pounch with nata de coco. Respond- they love it..yahoo... Wanna try??just come to my house erkk..hehehhe
  • And then sampai la 1st batilion (amok's) yg serbu my house and later my uncle's batilion (pak teh's)yang serbu. My house turned into pasar coz ramai gler nyerbu. That's the good thing bout raya- To make the family closer and closer....
3 Syawal 1430 - Tuesday
  • Kalo orang lain dr KL ke kampung..but not for us. 3rd day of raya- we went to KL to visit my aunt and uncle's. First destination- Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras. Nothing yang interesting coz i'm usually go to that house coz my best cousin (Kak Nurul) there.
  • After that we went to PAk Andak's house kat Ampang. Since it's still in sunyi mood at KL, my bro decided to take KL way. KL way means jalan2 kat tengah2 KL. Yer la kan, time camni la xder traffic jam n quite sunyi gak la even still ada orang.
  • And the we arrived at Pak Andak's house and talk a lot and more and more. Ot's time for the meal. Menu nya - Serunding (my faveee), spagetti (also my fave) etc etc.
  • And we went back to Seremban since there's nowhere to go. End of day 3. KL yang sunyi bangett...
Overall my raya this year just OK. Tempat yang biasa pegi n orang yang biasa jumpa even setahun sklai jer la nampak muka2 tu. Normally kalo x p mana2, I prefer to ngadap TV psl byk sangat programmes yang bes especially when it's come to Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. hehheheh. But still it was a happy moment for me. One thing yang kurang tahun nie pun when there's no London Almond and Tart Nenas by my mum coz she does not have a mood to do it this year. Really miss these 2 kuih even rmi yang datang pun frust coz my mum didn't make it. Xper..Insya Allah panjang umo ada la kot tahun depan.

Pejam celik pejam celik, this is my final raya for me as students. Next year gonna be different than the previous year. JUst wanna wait for that moment.. hehheheheh

That's it my story about my simple raya. Fun and fun. How about yours. Mesti bes kan. Yer la ada yang terbang sampai ke Sarawak laa, balik kampung yang bebtul kampung, serbu umah sedara smpi mid nite and cam2 laaa. I really wanna read ue raya experience. Mesti bes compare to me kan..hehehe

p/s- Insya Allah my family gonna buat open house aka kenduri for my parents to go to Hajj. Date not confirm yet mayb the last week of Syawal. So per2 hal pun aku nak jemput2 semua2 kat open house aku kat Seremban. Really want u to come. Seriously. Per2 hal kalo dh confirm i'll announce here...

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Sunday, September 20, 2009 @ 2:03 AM

JUst a simple n short post. Just wanna wish all my VIPs n visitor a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin...
  • Mohon maaf segala dosa n kekasaran, terlaser, tersembur, terkecik hati
  • Mohon halal apa termakan terminum
  • Sori kalo ada tersentap, menyentap atau di sentap
  • 0-0 erkkk...kalo ada gaduh2 laie kita mintak maaf Raya tahu depan erkk...Insya Allah
  • Semoga bergembira di Raya tahun nie
  • Kalo sesaper yang drive nak beraya or balik kampung tu bawak keta baik2 n pesan kat sesaper yang drive tu balik keta or van or motor bebaik... Ssungguhnya aku xnak kehilangan kawan2 aku.
  • Selamat membesarkan badan di hari raya nie...
  • Sesaper yang dekat2 ngan Senawang or Seremban tu singgah2 la yerrr.. Calling2 gwe kalo korang nk singgah...Special treat for u..


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Tahajjud Cinta.....
Thursday, September 10, 2009 @ 6:11 PM

As most of u know that I'm da biggest fan of Dato Siti Nurhaliza, so i've already bought her latest album just now which in store since yesterday. The concept is Kerohanian aka like Nasyid. As usual, I'll review bout this album once I've 100% listen to this album.. C yaaa....
Here's the poster and cover album for this album. Quite beautiful...
Cover Album


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Currently Addicted..
Monday, September 7, 2009 @ 3:41 AM

Even thought i'm busy with my FYP but i need some space for entertainment. These 2 series are my entertainment rite now n I'm addisctied with these two superb series. My review n comment bout these so called- Islamic series will be post next....

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FYP punya hal.....
@ 1:37 AM

Skrang nie time critical for me to finish up my FYP. Since this month gonna be the shortest month for me due to 2 weeks Hari Raya holiday, so i've to settle at least 85% of my projet otherwise i'll suffer during Beta Testing.

FYI Beta testing is some sort of 1st part of the Final FYP presentation which enable the the examiner to test our project before the FInal Presentation which 3 weeks after Beta Testing

My Beta Testing gonna be on 2nd October 2009. It menas a weeks after HAri Raya break. Am I ready for that? Hell NO!!!!! That's is whay, I don have any feeling nak raya. Even IIUM start their break this Friday (11 Septermber) but I've planned to go back on 15 Septermber. Actually xnak balik langsung pun or balik lambat mayb 2 days before raya but since there's a lot of work to do at home cam susun apa yg ptt aka decorate house heheh... n do some here and there kat umah. Takkan nak tengok jer my parentsjer yang wat. They're not strong enough to do all heavy thing. Anak bongsu ni gak la yang akan wat semua benda...heheheh

BAck to FYP. Currently it's only 50% complete and there's a lot work to do. And suddenly banyak plak prob akan had and will happen after i go through one by one. So per nak wat. Tension + Give Up = MATI AKU!!!!

So per nak wat skrang? Terpaksalah aku bukak buku satu per satu psl nak crk solution to settle benda2 nie. Idup aku jadi gler ngan benda ni. mmg x dapat nak cakp per laie dh. Like one of my friend skrang nie:-

Aku kalo leh tak nak siapkan sampai terlalu perfect untuk FYP ni. Janji siap cukup makan as requirement nak grad jer

Kalo my fren dh ckp camtu n how about the others? I think diorg pun pikir camtu.

So now. I need some space. So sesaper kena tengking or aku wat bodo ngan sesaper aku mintak maap byk2 sgt. This is not the rite time utk mood aku ok. Pressure nya amat tinggi beb.... Never have this feeling even during my diploma...

Just hope korang leh doakan aku dapat settlekan benda ni. Sesungguhnya aku xtahan ngan dugaan ni. Dugaan yang wat pertama kali jadikan aku seorang yang senag GIVE UP. Doa korang aku mmg appreciate sgt2....

P/S- Bertuah punya budak2 angklung. Udah ku katakan Iftar ari tu my last contribution before grad. Still diorg letak aku jd committee. Korang mmg K.E.J.A.M...hehhehe

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