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Syam here!!. Work as IT Executive at 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Just wanna share about myself here and get people to know me better. My Story, My Life.

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2 do lists

16 August > Kenduri @ Amok's
20 August > ICT n Islam Presentation
22 August > 1st Ramadhan
31 August > Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!
20 September > Raya Time
2 October > FYP Beta Testing
23 October > Submit FYP Report
30 October > FYP Final Presentation
20 November > Abah's birthday
27 November > Salam Aidil Adha

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Friday, October 30, 2009 @ 2:23 PM

Salam all..

There'a been a long time soince my previous post due to my mentally unstable + my parents perform hajj + Final Year Project stuff.

Now? Everything back to normal... is it? Wat eva la. JAnji aku puas ati ngan idup aku skrang nie... FYP dh lepas my parents senag lenang di Mekah even last wednesday my brother said my mum got a fever while my dad terjatuh dlm toilet smpi berdarah kening. Ya Allah..I'm really worried bot them but I only able to pray for them and pray that they're fine doing their Ibadah. Insya Allah... But this morning my bro texted me and inform that my parents' photo in Kosmo. Terubat rindu aku kat diorg. REally miss them.... My parents are in left side of this picture. Do u see the couple in left together? It's my parents... Terubat rindu n kerisauan aku kat diorg selama ni after seen this latest picture.
Bout my FYP? I'm done with my presentation. Based on the copmment by examiner - Dr Abdul Rahman Ahlan, he quite satisfy with my presentation and my presentation and he satisfy what i've done compare to BEta testing presentation 3 weeks ago. Alhamdulillah everything fine even after a while I not satisfy with the system and there's a lot to improve. Fortuinately after a good comments from my examiner and clients (LAw Centre) i felt LEGA...

So now focus on FYP report and IT n Islam presenattion n paper report n finally EOP final exam.

Will be leaving UIA soon. There's a lot of memory here and i couldn't describe how lucky i am.

Insya Allah there's a post bout all my memory here..Pahit manis semua aku akan rangkumkan nnti.


p/s- open apologize: To sesaper yg ada terasa hati ngan aku last week I'm really sorry. That tiem otak aku x centre sangat coz worried n miss my parents a lot. Hope u understand my situation rite no... PEACE!!!! Thanks 2 someone yang byk nasihat kat aku.....


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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 @ 8:44 PM

It's been a long time since my last post which is Raya post. Due to my fully loaded busy i can't focus on this blog even blogger yg lain pun having a same prob (kot!!!). In two weeks ni cam2 dh jadi kat diri aku n people close to me.

It's not too late for me to ucap takziah 2 of my bes frens yang kehilangan orang yang di sayangi. 1st dekT's grandmo who passed away last 2 saturday after maghrib at Sarawak and a day after, my ex-roomie, Fiza Hanif who lost his beloved dad at 5.30 am before Subuh. Maybb it's too late but i pray for both of them be strong n life must go on. Just redha that Allah laie sayangkan mereka. Once again.. Be Strong. Kitorg sentiasa akan support korang. Insya Allah.


First thing first, i glad that finally my parents dapat gak seruan Allah ke Tanak Suci Makkah untuk menunaikan Haji. It's a dream for all Muslims. Alhamdulillah lepas aku risau psl tarikh berangkat tak dapat2 laie even after Raya, last week my bro called me n told me that my parents' flight on next week Tuesday (20 November 2009).

Next- IIUM Convocation. It's not my convocation but my beloved sister and friends. AFter 3 years(for my sister) and about 3-4 years for my friends, finally they achieved what they've looking for for the rest of their life (i guess??). Congrate to :-
  • my sister for her (Uni Kelsom Nayan) - MAster in English Literature, Fiza Hanif Zainon, Zahid Jaafar, Sukri Saidan, Nor Hafizah Zainab Abd Aziz, Siti FAiruz Kawid, Nurul Azwa Haris, Nawal, Nor Fauzana Zainudin, Waheeda, Sarah n sesaper la yang convo ari tu... Sorry kalo tertinggal nama...psl terlampau ramaui sgt la konvo sejak sabtu smpi isnin ari tu.
This Sunday (18 October 2009), my family will organize oepn house and Doa Selamat sempena keberangkatan my parents to Makkah. So anda semua di jemput ke rumah saya di Senawang, Seremban. KAlo nak datang contact2 la yerr..leh nnti sediakan special skit 4 my friends...hehhe..


p/s-kak atun...dh update..anda tu dh update ker??hahhahah


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