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me, myself...

Syam here!!. Work as IT Executive at 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Just wanna share about myself here and get people to know me better. My Story, My Life.

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16 August > Kenduri @ Amok's
20 August > ICT n Islam Presentation
22 August > 1st Ramadhan
31 August > Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!
20 September > Raya Time
2 October > FYP Beta Testing
23 October > Submit FYP Report
30 October > FYP Final Presentation
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Saturday, February 28, 2009 @ 4:07 PM

Current mood: gumbira psl kekenyangan
Situation: Sunyi sepi tapi berisikan bunyi contractor
Location: FYP Lab KICT

I'm not surprising org but aku sendiri yg ter surprise. Not 1 but 2 in one day. Here da story:-

Cerita Satu....
I went 4 BIT FYP SHOWCASE 2009 meeting....

is a event that organized by BIT FYP1 to appreciate all the hardwork by FYP2 students and their projects. 10 projects both from system development and multimedia will be selected by BIT Lecturers and compete to find the best project for that semester.

Just went to dat meeting 2 become committee only and hopefully I can get any idea for my FYP and enhance my knowledge. Other dat leh gak aku ngomen any projects and take da positive parts of the project. Since our batch skit jer, Bro Sadry (our FYP coordinator) asked us to find any BIT students yg interested to join as committee.

Supposedly, meeting tu start at 10 but Bro. Sadry has urgent things to do before come to UIA and he arrived at bout 11.00. We thought meetingcancel and dh plan nk tgk BETA TESTING for our senior project. Tengah2 nak tgk tetiba bro. Sadry muncul ngan macho nyaa..hahhaha

Then da meeting started. 1st thing 1st of coz la find someone utk jd secretary to note all da minutes especially this meeting. And he asked Sis ZAtul to take that position and suddenly she just my name. And you know what Bro Sadry answered? "I want u to be secretary coz i want Syamsul to be Project Manager". WHAT????? Mimpi per sir nie. Dan2 tu jer la dia amik aku jd PM. Kuasa veto tul n cam dh di plan dr awal. Even aku tolak but he still want me...huhuhu.. Mampus aku ckp.. Dh la nak time exam masa tu dh plak ada satu bala...huhuhuuh.. Kalo HC leh consider laie but PM.. I never hv experience langsung beb.. Takut huru hara jer nnti event tu. But since all committees pun member aku n I know we can work 2gether withou having problem (Insya Allah) i just accept that challange. My another step n experience la kiranya kan...huhuhu

Just hope i can do my bes n guy pray 4 me erkk...

Cerita Dua
Aku ingat suprise aku x abis pagi tu jer la. Tetiba ada plak suprise kedua at da same day. ALl of u know aku amik skill archery kan. n ramai gak tau aku nie fail skit time2 nak shoot. Asyik2 kena hijau jer... ( ada yg dh paham kot maksud ijau tu..heheh), Aku start shoot btul pun lambat skit i mean pas jd committee Students Carnival ari tu. Tu pun ptt dh lambat sgt dh tu padahal ada laie yg shoot laie bagus than me.

One of the requirement for archery skill especially archery 2, we gonna have friendly match with our Cikgu Zainuddin's trainers kat Melaka.

Friendly match between bdk2 archery 2 ngan Cikgu Zainuddin's trainers (most of them r SUKMA atheletes) yg majority nya penah dpt medals masa SUKMA. All archery 2 students are compulsory to go (slalo nya kat MElaka since cikgu org Melaka) n yg pegi akan dpt 30% from oevrall mark. So sesaper x pegi tu kompom xdpt even A- laaa.... N those yg selected to lawan akan dpt extra %. Don know baper byk.

I ponteng archery class yesterday pasal aku nak settle kan skit keja FYP aku tu. And i don know what happen la masa class tu. The suprise appeared last nite bler one of my friend - Zul called me. He asked me pesal x dtg n I anserwd him wat i mentioned td. Then Zul inform me da big news. "Cikgu masukkan nama ko p friendly match nnti. "haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? Biar btul cikgu nie. aku main pun x btul ntah camner dia pilih ntah. Aku rasa ramai alie main laie bagus dr aku"

I surprised ngan news tu. Pasal seriously aku mmg teruk bler main n honnestly baper kali jer aku main kena kat bulls eye. Tu pun psl dekat gler.. Tp most of da arrows mmg p somewhere else n target hijau mmg berlambak la gak. Honestly aku mmg cuak gler la.. Pasal technique aku x betul laie n aku cepat gabra. Even main sebelah anak cikgu yg baru form 1 tu pun aku dh surrender ni laie la main ngan bdk2 SUKMA. Kompom la kalah teruk nnti.huhu

Since cikgu caya kat aku n akan ada training gler2 babas punya b4 pegi nnti, I just wish aku dpt mantoP kan laie skill aku n handle pressure aku ngan baik laie...huhuuh

Per2 pun yesterday really SURPRISING FRIDAY....huhuuh


p/s - wanna wish Happy 24th burfday to another Zul yg tgh keja kat Bangi. He's one of my bes fren back 2 my bdk2 period.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009 @ 4:07 PM

Current Mood: Blur
Waiting for session with Dato' Hamidon

Finally i got d placement for my internship dis coming short semester. After 2 months apply for it ngan berlambak applications yg aku antar aku dpt gak tempat tu even not using post but interview arranged by Depart of Information System, KICT. Since my class canceled, it's a rite time la nak p try interview tu. TQ Dr. A.M Zeki coz x having da class..heheheh

Talking bout interview, my frens n i thought it's formal so we preapred our FORMAL attire yg terlalu formal (i guess) 2 atract dat inerviewer coz it's one of COMPULSORY requirement those attend any interview. Before da session strt dh ready dh nie nak cakap apa 2 impress da person. huhuhu..

After a while n chatting a lil bit dat manager pun cakap yg dia akan amik kitorg n will assign with government project. Seem like complicated system jer psl system tu kena ada SMS system and service like YM. Sumthing yg kitorg sendiri x penah try n think bout it before. Other challenging part is we have to do it in 1 month rite after we register ourselve kat company tu. N durig dat process no one will assist or teach us n we have to learn it by ourselves. huuhu..horror beb. Learn new thing in short ti.e??Parah beb...

But since dh xder pilihan lain n not even one company reply my application form, I think we should use this opportunity gak. Mana tau ngan blaja benda2 baru tu masa practical tu nnti dpt another knowledge kan yg ko sendiri ssh nak dpt next time. Or mayb ada hikmah di sebalik nya tu. Mayb Allah ank suh aku bebetul berdikari n try to make job tu perfectly with our own capability and usaha. Apa2 pun only God knows..

Without thinking further we just accept it even not 100% agree but nak wat camner mayb rezeki tu at situ. I'm still wait for any last minute reply from other company so i can choose which one is good for me n my future n also my FYP nnti. Dat's y time aku pilih company dulu aku look it in detail psl I think i should look 4 a company yg aku leh kembang kan knowledge for sumthing dat I like.

I should start study things yg manager tu bgatu. NNti xder la ko terkejut bler dia dh bg lambak kan kerja2 tu. At least mentally aku dh prepared n physically i have 2 wait n see.

Apa2 pun rasa lega dpt company tu. Hope fully ada la choices aku kalo ada company yg antar reply form tu. But for me, alang2 dh ada company yg dh accept my application, dh cukup syukur n Alhamdulillah.



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Reality Series Fever.....
Monday, February 23, 2009 @ 12:10 PM

Since byk citer fave aku (One Tree Hill n Gossip Girl) tgh freeze until March, skrang nie aku tgh gler ngan 2 more reality series yg mmg aku gler sejak azali laie..hehhe..

Survivor Tocantins
Since last season supposely become my fave season ever but toward da end it become suck coz da winner someone yg unpredictable n x my choice at all. It become da worst season n da worst winner ever in history..heehhe. Even last season wat aku sakit ati..It doesn't mean dat aku kna lupa kan trus one of my fave series nie. Special nya survivor nie kaita dpt tgk backstabbing + fake frenship among da contestants. Apart from dat for me da interesting part is the challanges dia..MMg bebtul mencabar n creative. Hope dis season akan jd bes since wat kat highlang not tepiui pantai like previous seasons. Kita tgk camner idup diorg nak survive ngan tmpt yg ssh nak jumpa air..

The Amazing Race 14

Another challanging series. Aku lambat skit minat benda nie. Both American n Asia versions love it so much. Tgk series nie cam ko ngembara negara orang lain ngan cam2 perangai n sejauh mana kuat nya relationship diorg nak handle all da stress. Other dan dat dpt gak la tgk negara2 org lain n their cultures. This season contestants so far xder la yg menarik sgt mayb diorg nie lack of personality or mayb taring n tanduk x kuar laie kot. Mayb nest 3 episode br kuar semua skali. We'll see. Skrang nie pun nak tgk kena tggu youtube jer...Yer la kalo nak tggu yg version lawa punya berkurun la..hehhehe

tu jer kot 2 series yg aku lyn skrang nie. At least dpt la release tensen gwe ngan FYP n other yg menimbun...huhuhu...Help me!!!!


p/s- wanna wish happy belated burfday yesterday (24 February 08 to my 1st anak buah - Muhamad Nuruddin Dzaky Ahmad Shahri who turns 2 9. Hope he'll become good person n jadi abg yg baik 2 his sisters yg nakal x inagt tu...heheheh n Timah aka Tiqah yg x ingat dh baper byk umo dia..hehhehe...


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Thursday, February 19, 2009 @ 4:36 PM

Actually i'm da biggest fan of theater. Unfortunately member aku rmi jernis yg bkn tgk wayang. They prefer to watch movie kat cinema rather than tgk theater kat wherever hall. But 4 me tgk theater ada kick yg xleh nak di banding kan. From theater gak la kita dpt tgk la how da players tu mainkan peranan diorg 2gather with their emotions skali. Dapat ker x any pelakon tu jd lain in every scene.

Last nite I went to Nusantara Theater Week after my fren - Zaki (one of da actor) invited me with half price tic ...huhuhuuhu. This theater consist of 2 shows - English (It Takes Two To Tango) n another one in Malay (Alahai...Soto). Let me review both shows in my own kpala otak...

It Takes Two Two Tango
Aku smpi lambat but still paham gak la storyline dia. About 2 couples Najwa n Arshad & Wazir n Linda. Both of these couples totally different each of them. Sorang husban bodoh2 alang kawin ngan Wife a lil bit gedik (can i use dis word??hehhe) n selfish n underestimate his husband. In short Arshad kena queen control la ngan Najwa. While another couple la contra from Arshad's - Wazir jenis yg x hargai his wife even Linda jenis yg setia smpi sanggup pki baju Christmas Tree ( dis part mmg aku gelak x ingat!!!). But Linda still sabar laie ngan hubby dia tu..

About da story line jus a simple stoty which related to Women. From here dpt tgk 2 different wives. Totally different cam langit ngan bumi. In reality supposely Arshad n Linda while da last 2 tu mmg ptt di kawin kan. Dh kata citer of coz la nak yg sumthing different. Ada character yg longgar but I really like how Wazir act. He's such a good actor. PArt yg plg nyampah ngan dia bler dia herdik Linda can anak ayam. While LInda yg ptt nya kena kuar kan emotion lebih laie seem like x smpi. She suppose makes da audience feel what she feel. Unfortunately benda tu x smpi kat aku. I don know waht other people feel. As for Najwa- it's easy 2 act such a gedik n queen control. I think bg kat sesaper pun leh kot. But watak Linda n Arshad mmg jenis yg berat n need more practice on how to express their emotion.

Ending dia cam kurewng skit. I expect sumthing yg different. Myab typical but i think da ending should give sumthing yg exciting. Don hv any idea la bout ending from me. But I think it should sumthing...

Overall aku njoy gak ngan show nie especially part Wazir taught Arshad how to dance Pakat mmg gelak la muka Arshad time tu...hhuhuuh...Well good job guys.....There's lot 2 improve.

Show yg aku tggu2 psl from da feedback - positive.... Laie 1 psl my fren berlakon gak. Seem like interesting show especially all da players. Semua bwk their character very2 well. n Theater nie mmg dekat ngan audience since it's in Malay n everyone paham apa yg diorg dengar. But about da script a lil bit skema word yg diorg guna. Dh cam tgh bangsawan zaman tok kadok plak..hahahha.. Istimewa nya show nie psl pelakon2 dia.

My fave character of coz la Tuan Malek (very annoy gler bler he keeps bgtau yg dia tu BAIK!!!) from line tu gak la wat kan watak dia bebetul hidup. Hidup sorang bapak ayam ytg a lil bit ganas n sumtimes i feel like to sepak jer dia atas stage tu...huhuhuuh... Character + expression + body language dia mmg menjadi n he's da star dat nite. Dolah act by Zaki just be himself. Cam,ner aku knal dia kat luar stage catu gak la dia atas stage. Sorry 2 say la xder lain dr perangai sebenar dia. Not his perangai as kaki botol but in how he behave. Should i condemn my own fren??hehheheh. Frankly he should try to behave in other ways coz there's a lot of area yg dia leh try.. Other mmg wat good job gler la... Salmah, Atan, Mak Jah n PAkcik Majid n also kuncu c Tuan MAlek - dia mmg poyo gler n remind me of Zulhuzaimi in RemIt(mayb dia study skit from him) coz ada similarity skit. n of coz bunga of da show - Aziz. She remind me of someone. Should i say it??heheh...Never mind... Character Aziz yg ske nyampuk n interprame in almost scene tu mmg wat org xtahn gelak...hehhehe..Good job bro... Plg lawak 4 da entire show bler Basikal Pak MAjid jatuh dr stage. Perhh aku dh agak benda nie akan jd. Per laie time tu mmg pakat gelak semua la psl semua x expect benda tu akan jadi..hahahha

Ada benda yg aku nak critic skit psl show nie. First - it's take a long time sgt. Penat aku nak tggu especially bler Suhaimi nak smpi kampung psl I think people were waiting for him psl I think subjek show nie bout Suhaimi. But he only appear at 3 quarter of dis show. Toward da end br aku phm yg xreally bout Soto n Mak Jah but da situation happened at Soto stall. I think show nie leh di pendekkan kalo scene borak2 dpn stall soto tu x terlalu lama. DOn know y at da middle of da show i feel like nak kuar. Mayb x tahan sejuk or aku x dpt point sgt psl show tu. Laie 1 aku xpaham time Suhaimi blk kampung 4 da 2nd time tu n jumpa bdk sekolah kat stall Mak JAh tu. Is it 10 years after dat or wat??? Psl xnampak pun any sign yg bgtau bout dat at da early of da scene. At least mayb da production leh "tua" kan skit watak Salmah psl aku nampak from dia dating n pregnent (dis time a lil bit different psl perut dia besaq skit) n sampai la Suhaimi blk 4 2nd time tu nampak sama without any different on her appearance.

Per2 pun aku puas ti gak la tgk . It's worth spend bout 3 hours membeku dlm Main Audi. Credit 2 IIUM Theater Club coz organize suchinteresting show n also 2 da PElakons n Production coz give us entertainment even masing2 ada yg ada mid term n test laie.. Mayb u can improve a lil bit here n theren lancarkan apa yg patut n maintain what is the best..


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 @ 10:12 AM

F***, Stupid, Kambing , Ayam!!!!!!!

Sorry if I start my post with dat words. Totally piss off rite now.

Wonder if sumthing u do with ur 100% commitment but finally it’s turns to nightmare dat I didn’t expect AT ALL!!!!! DAMN IT. N just imagine la kalo ko dh bertukus lumus wat keja tu smpi byk benda yg laie penting dr benda tu at last kerja ko tu x di ikhtiraf LANGSUNG.

Aku xharapkan any compliment or sanjungan tinggi langit but at least appreciate la ngan apa yg org dh buat . Ni x without my pengetahuan aku ko senang2 jer tukar benda yg ko dah watt u not 5% but 95% from what I’ve done. It’s not only once but TWICE ko wat camtu TWICE… Totally cannot accept it smpi mati aku leh dendam pasal benda nie..

Pas nie don let me do sumthing if in the end ko akan ubah benda yg aku dh wat tu.

To all da readers once again sori psl korang kena baca post ni. Just nak lepas kan geram aku nie…Mmg bebtul sakit ati dh nie.. BAru jer kpala otak aku nak btul mggu nie after stress last week.. xilang jer laie dh samapi satu laie stress..

Just want to remind all of u..

Please la semua hasil kerja orang tu..jgn la sesekali menafikan apa yg dia dh wat. Just imagine la kalo korang rasa apa yg aku rasa….


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CoCu Week 2009 - Penat Glerr....
Monday, February 16, 2009 @ 11:30 AM

It's been a chaos n tiring weekend 4 me. Yes, it's Co-Cu Week beb..!!! I'm incharge of archery booth, more on Pub n Pro part. I also have got a chance to perform the collaboration of all Cultural unit teams which include IAG, Gamelan, CakLempong, Theater, Band, Dikir Bart etc. IAG perform TUHAN (individually) n IKHTIRAF (collabrate with all musical team). It such a beautiful performance and finally with TUHAN i managed to do it well..personally. Alhamdulillah.... It's my first performance for this sem..huhuhuhuuh...

Back 2 my important task- committee 4 Archery Skill booth. It's also a precious experience 4 me coz b4 dis asyik benda yg related 2 MRC n angklung.... Since aku byk gler kelemahan dlm archery nie at least my participation ni dpt gak la improve my skill on archery. Coz b4 dis during the training n practical asyik target aku kat hijau jerr...(most of yg penah main kat female tau la target ijau tu..kan faxa...heheh).

Ngan experience nie dpt gak la tgk camner org2 niche area n Cikgu Zainuddin sendiri show us how to use the correct technique. B4 dis main bantai jer n practical pun skit2 psl ikut turn bdk2 lain. But masa nie kalo ada free jer leh try n ask sumone expert to coreect all my mistake... Pastu dpt gak la kongsi2 n dengar citer2 dr cikgu sendiri...n technical part of archery like how to pasang arrows n correct ways to assemble bow tu.

wat i can say. last weekend experience mmg valuable gler. I think it's not wrong decision 4 me to join. Bler laie l ko nak main archery puas2 cam ari tu. So after dis leh la practic kan apabenda yg ko dh try n blaja ari tu...



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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 @ 1:56 PM

aku TAK NAK mention kat sesaper..tp kalo ada terasa gasak la...no heart feeling!!!!

leh x kalo nak membebel bagi org duduk atau rehat dulu..mana la tau org tu tgh tension pas kelas kerr.....

malas nak cakap byk!!!!!

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Thursday, February 5, 2009 @ 12:21 PM

Just received this from lynn (IAG VP) psl her fren bought this album for me. TQ sis coz i really wanna dis album since sporean give good feedback from this album. Actually i already hv last 3 albums - Blessing, All Because of You and Teman Istimewa. I only download n got pirated one!!!heehe...coz i's really hard 2 find any Sporean album here. I only able to bought debut Hady Mirza (2nd Spore n Asian Idol) bler tetiba kat CM ada jual. I thnk it's one n only album available at Malaysia...huhuuh..

Who is Taufik Batisah??? He's 1st ever Singapore Idol. He more on RnB Soul n sometimes Usher style skit. But I really luv him in RnB coz his voice suit it most... Aku ikut SI dulu masa blaja kat JB even time tu pun MI tgh lgsg.. but i prefer SI more coz da production dia superb even talent SI no good as MI.... I never like him masa SI dulu..don know y until la finale yg dia menang kalahkan chinese boy -Sly (If i'm x mistake laa)..Starting there mmg aku ske cara dia n i realize from there aku mmg fans of RnB Soul nie.. psl dengar dis genre rasa tenang jerr...

Bout dis album. Consists of 10 malay songs. This is his 2nd Malay Album. From my both observation his Malay laie bes compare to Malaysian Malay siner. Psal even mother tounge dia mmg Singlish but when he sing in Malay, he doesn't sound Singlish lgsg... Both him n Hady Mirza nyanyi Malay mmg pure melayu. But 4 me compare 2 English album..she sounds better in English..xtau la pesal.. Mayb his 1st album tu mmg jiwa aku psl he focus on this genre but his Malay album really yg campur2 skit.

Dalam album nie ada 2 lagu from M. Nasir n both of songs mmg top fave aku gak la - Hey n Citra Suria ...1st dengar pun dh dpt tau nie M Nasir punya. Other yg keep my attention - Gadis Itu ( element RnB n Samba....layan beb...), Suria HAtiku (da bes part of dis song bler time last2 tu ada bdk kecik nyanyi...comel glerr.), KepadaNya (duet with Hady mIrza - about Ketuhanan...nice lyrics n melody as well...) and finally Petua.. da rest kira leh layan gak la tp mayb kalo bukak kat MP3 just skip jer kot..

Album nie mmg kira bes gak la even he hv other bes album compare 2 dis. But puas hati gak la psl inport dt Spore nie...bkn senang nak dpt even spore n msia dekat jer...hehe..Plus albyum nie pun ada autograph exclusive from TB coz Lynn's fren punya akak is TB fanatic but ufortunately nama dlm tu nama lYnn.. never mind psl Lynn yg aturkan benda nie...Kira bes gak la..
Think dat's all la aku nak komen.. Mayb some of u don know him but i just wanna introduce him jerr....

After dis i'm waiting 4 Hady Mirza 2nd album (i bought his 1st beb...) tp xtau bler plak psl aku mls nak update psl anyone except CT..hehehhe.. n Mayb tugas Lynn agak ada laie la pasn... Bler album tu kuar?Tggu jer laa...
Ada nak pinjam???Just ask me k...Mayb aku leh consider kan...


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100 post n 1st Year Anniversary
Wednesday, February 4, 2009 @ 2:14 PM

Diam x diam dh setaun dh aku wat come back ngan blog. Another thing is this is my 100 post. Perh x sedar dh setaun n 100 aku post kat blog nie. Kalo dulu just tahan about sebulan 2 but not dh setaun dh. TQ la those yg slaloo msk blog nie baca benda yg aku merepek. TQ gak psl korang gak la yg g semangat kat aku nk post apa2 yg aku rs nak share ngan korang. Kalo xder la korang aku rs xder saper nak baca kot.

Disebabkan otai blogger ni -> wawa n chaz la aku nak mem"blog" blk....psl both of them gak la rmi yg bukak blog cam makcik atun, faxa, fixa etc yg share per jer yg nak di bebel kan atau ngarut. At least kita dpt tau la apa isi hati seseorang tu bler dia post sumthing. Pasal korang gak la aku dpt inspirasi nak citer. Kalo x just simpan dlm ati jer apa yg aku rasa. U guys rock!!!!!!

Actually my 1st anniversary Sabtu ari tu but since tgh ada prog xsempat la nak post + change da layout. New look??? Coming Soon. Nak settle kan benda yg laie penting. 1st thing 1st of coz la study aku n da rest later la kan...

Nothing wanna say just i hope :-
  • korang still supportdis blog. blog ni idup psl korang gak
  • hope rmi laie la yg lawat blog nie...rapatkan ukh'wah...hehehee
  • dr blog nie kita knal ngan seseorang tu ngan laie rapat...
  • comment la apa2 yg korang nk comment. bout dis blog or myself as well
last but x least nak mintak maap kat sesaper yg penah terasa ngan apa2 jer yg aku tulis. Mayb ada yg terasa psl ngan apa yg aku tulis mayb aku x perasan n x terniat ngan kata2 aku tu.. 0-0 erkk..

per2 pun still support dis blog da da rest...

b4 dat..i've received sms from one makcik nie...dia ada citer skit...jus nak share...

"Pada suatu hari, ada sang kancil datang mlawat sang kucing. Sang Kucing tenat slpas dtikam sang rajawali dalam satu plawanan. Sekian, Terima Kasih."

and then i asked her da morale of da story. And she replied....

"hargai kancil yang dtg mlawat wpun dia bkn knalan kpda kucing 2. Dan jgn bkawan dan blawan dgn slh org. Boleh bwk kpda kmatian...akal dan hati.."


"Cerita sang kancil, sang kucing dan sang rjwali td dtaja khas oleh pati ikan temakul..."

pokok persoalan nya...ikan temakul or ikan tembakul???confuse aku...se confuse citer tu...hahahha


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Monday, February 2, 2009 @ 3:01 PM

MASSTAC - Mahallah As-Siddiq Training Camp 2009

Similar to induction course but more to fun. Started last Saturday til Sunday. This prog more on knal all da Siddiq's MRC n BRC members even though majority of us mmg dh knal b4 dis. Since cam benda wajib so wat gak la prog nie.

This prog wat kat Melaka Water City Resort, Ayer Keroh around 20 min from Malacca town. Dengar tmpt dia cma grand jer kan psl ada term "water" tu kan.. At first i think bout da same thing but after arrive we know da true facts bout dis resort.

Tapi bler memula smpi napak tmpt dia really nice n promising. Pasal da bes part of this resort is byk sgt kapal2 zaman parameswara yg besar. In short kapal tu cam signature la resort nieJust look at dis pictures k...

**nampak cam kat tepi pantai kan....hehhehe

**da apartment cam terapung atas air kolam

**sampai2 jer trus posing tepi kolam..hahahha

n bler session with manager resort ni baru lah cam2 benda terbongkar.. even resort nie nampak grand (should i use dis word???) but everything in under renovation. Then we call dis resort as Under Renovation Resort. Semua nya under renovation - Karaoke, Go Cart, Gym etc.... Sedih gler psl b4 smpi expectation kitorg tggi gler n bler smpi jer janji tinggal janji....hahahha... Nak wat camner..redah jer la..dh sampia dh pun...

Then we've been assigned group randomly. Ngan malas nya aku kena jadi leader psl teamate aku cam komplot plak..haha...xper benda x susah pun.. Our task was to prepare da proposal in organize prog 4 students. My team was assigned to organize Festival. After discussion kitorg pilih wat Festival Culture around da world. Similar to Ummatic Week but focus on any culture from every races or tribes.

**with my anak buahs..me as leader...

Let's da group prject di tiup angin. A lil bit bosan pun nak citer psl LDK ni. Sumthing yg aku x minat sgt psl i've to think sumthing on da spot without having a chance nak dpt sources. huhuhu

Then kitorg msk la kat apartment. Each group satu apartment psl senang nak wat keja nnti. Memula manager tu ckp each apartment ada astro. Once again we've been cheated....perhh parah dh nie...kena tipu idup2 lak tu...siot. Apartment dia besar gak la n ada 3 bilik. Kira puas gak la.. Ala cam hotel2 lain la kann...Compare 2 MRC McLead kat Genting ari tu aku prefer laie Genting psl apartment dia nampak gak la bersih especially shower psl aku mmg a lil bit cerewet psl shower or toilet nie... Nasib baik la 2 hari semalam jer kalo x...Only Allah knows...hehheh

Tak byk sgt aktiviti leh wat kat sini exceot lepak2 bilik n p seminar room 4 activities.. bler next day tu jer ada skit nak wat cam kayak (dis is my 1st timme beb...syok arhhh...x puas nak main laie) n swimming. since rmi malas nak swimming cam biasa kitorg create la cam games psl nak seronok. Mmg syok gler la time tu. dah la privacy mmg tip top psl xder org.

cakap psl privacy nie finally we realise dat resort nie mmg xder org kot...mYb zaman kegemilangan dh abis kot..dat's y la semua under renovation. The true fact bout dis renovation is xder org nak handle all da facilities psl xder org yg dtg...hehhe...Masa kotrog dtg pun only 1 block yg ada org yg consist of 12 rooms yg ada org duk..yg lain semua kosong!!!! Sedih glerrr....

**bler dh abis prog semua nak amik gambar..hehheh

Finally prog pun abis...tentatively abis lmbt but since dh pack kan semua psl ada request nak p Malacca City.. It's been a long time since my last visit 2 Malacca. X silap aku ada la 10 taun lps kot.. cam2 la dah berubah beb...mmg x puas la psl nak sgt naik menara Taming Sari tp x dpt psl rmi org n kitorg lepak2 pun sejam jer...mmg byk benda la xdpt wat. Mayb next time kot. Ingat nak shopping souvenirs kat Bandar Hilir cam replika kapal n keychain n da rest but i only hv a chance beli keychain tu pun bler ada pakcik yg jual tepi jalan. Xper la at least ada...dr kempunan xder langsung..hehhehe..

Mayb next time leh p laie kot..mayb lama2 ker... day's y aku ada suggest skit td kat ada 2 3 org td.. Motif nya psl x puas..hehhe..

ok la dat's all kot psl prog aku kat Melaka tu..Nothing yg really special sgt tp puas gak psl finally dpt gak kuar dr UIA..heheheh



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