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Syam here!!. Work as IT Executive at 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Just wanna share about myself here and get people to know me better. My Story, My Life.

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16 August > Kenduri @ Amok's
20 August > ICT n Islam Presentation
22 August > 1st Ramadhan
31 August > Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!
20 September > Raya Time
2 October > FYP Beta Testing
23 October > Submit FYP Report
30 October > FYP Final Presentation
20 November > Abah's birthday
27 November > Salam Aidil Adha

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009 @ 9:09 PM

Finally abis gak aku segala exam kat UIA ni... But now i've to complete my FYP report THIS WEEK since i've to hard bind that this week gak. So I need to focus (ye kerr) utk mengarut for my report tu.... KEja ngarut mmg forte gwee... But this serious man. Mana la tau during my interview nnti diorg nak tgk gak repot aku kan since i cannot view my actual project which is admission system tu.

This week is my last week aku duk kat UIA after 4 years struggle kat sini ngan cam2 kenangan pahit manis yang aku xpenah nak rasa during my diploma dulu. As i said, i'm going to make a posts about my life kat UIA starting 1st year until my final year here. And plus another suprise to all my close fren. Just wait erk..

K la just a short post psl pikiran aku skrang ni kat final report jer. Once i'm done with it aku start post benda2 yg aku janji kat atas.... Just wait erkk..


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